Aap Ke Deewane

Ram and Rahim are best friends who excel in whatever they do – academics as well as sports.. But trumped up charges force them to leave the college as well as town. They are desperately hunting fro some job, when one comes their way, but it’s a very odd one and that too in Srinagar. To their amusement and discomfort, Ram has to transform into an old Urdu teacher and Rahim into a Hindi lady teacher – for Sameera, the much loved daughter of Col Thakur and Supt Khan. Thakur and Khan are bachelors and have been the best of friends for over three decades. They had found an abandoned baby and brought her up as their daughter, Sameera. They both love her to death, but there’s just one hitch - Thakur wants her to be called Sameera Thakur while Khan wants her to be known as Sameera Khan. The fight reaches such a stage that they are forced to go to court, but even the judge fails to deliver a verdict. And their fight over what Sameera should be called continues. Their common servant solves their problem. In secret, he tells Khan to get her married to a Khan so she becomes Khan, and similarly tells Thakur to get Sameera married to a Thakur boy.

Now both Thakur and Khan are secretly husband hunting for Sameera. When Ram and Rahim initially pretend to be Sameera’s suitors to earn some extra money, they are both put through a series of tough contests because while Thakur says Ram is better, Khan claims Rahim is better. Since both Ram and Rahim are evenly matched in every respect, the contests result in a draw. But now the inevitable happens – both Ram and Rahim fall for Sameera. And when they get to know about each other’s feelings for her, each is ready to sacrifice his love for the sake of friendship. Sameera is in a fix. She has never been able to decide which father she loves best – Thakur or Khan, Now she’s confused as to who she actually loves more – Ram or Rahim.. Who will she choose finally?