Bhagwan Dada

Bhagwaan is part of Shambhu Dada’s gang. When a young widow hangs herself after being raped by Shambu, the cries of her orphaned baby awaken Bhagwaan’s soul. He rebels against Shambhu and adopts the baby. 12 years later, Bhagwaan is lovingly being hailed as “Bhagwaan Dada” and he has transformed the former crime-ridden slum into a safe neighbourhood – Shantinagar. Despite his own dark past, Bhagwaan has raised his adopted son Govinda with sound moral values. Bhagwaan takes Swaroop, who’s new to the big city – under his protective wing and brings him home to live with Govinda and himself. When Shambu Dada’s gang assaults a young woman, Swaroop tries to rescue her, but being a gentle bookish soul, he gets badly beaten before Bhagwaan comes to the rescue. The young woman Bijli, wants to tend to the wounded Swaroop and Bhagwaan invites her to come live with them until she can find a place to stay. Now all four of them live happily in Bhagwaan’s modest home, Bijli spins Bhagwaan a yarn about how she is an undercover policewoman assigned to pose as a prostitute in order to arrest real prostitutes and their patrons. But Bijli is neither a sex worker nor a cop, she is a fraudster, who milks potential ‘johns’ of money through clever ruses. But actually Bijli is Geeta, who is doing all this to treat her only living relative her siste. Shambu Dada tries to frame Bhagwaan for a murder, but Inspector Vijay, sets a trap to capture Shambu, who is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Vijay also introduces Bhagwaan to a newspaper reporter, Madhu, who develops a soft corner for Bhagwaan. Swaroop and Geeta are in love and Bhagwaan arranges a grand wedding for them. Unknown to everybody, Shambu Dada has escaped and has vowed revenge against Bhagwaan. Can Bhagwaan avert the disaster that is about to strike his family? Will he succeed in finally defeating the evil Shambhu once and for all?