Kaam Chor

Gudoo has always been a slacker who hates any kind of work. Unlike his conscientious and hard working elder brother, Gudoo wants the easy life the easy way. That’s why he’s called ‘kaamchor’ by everybody. One day he gate-crashes a wedding ceremony and finds out that the groom is to live with his wealthy father-in-law, Rai Bahadur Chunilal Sanghvi, To his delight, he finds out that the bride has a younger unmarried sister, Geeta. Gudoo starts to woo Geeta. Because Geeta is very principles and believes in the dignity of labour, Gudoo pretends to be the diligent sort. Taken by his act, Geeta falls in love with him marries him with her father’s blessings.. Gudoo is ecstatic that his long cherished dream of living a rich life is going to be fulfilled. But he’s in for a rude shock when Geeta tells him that she wants to move out of her father’s palatial house and stay with her husband however poor he may be. Gudoo is shocked and slowly his true colours are revealed to Geeta. They separate. Will Gudoo realise the value of true love and hard work? Willthe ‘kaamchor’ turn over a new leaf? And will Geeta forgive him?