Khoon Bhari Mang

Aarti (Rekha), the only daughter of multi millionaire Seth Ghanshyamdas, is a widow with two young children. When her father is killed by the so called family friend Hiralal (Kader Khan) Aarti becomes the sole heir to her father’s immense fortune. The only person she can turn to in her hour of grief is her childhood friend Nandini (Sonu Walia) Hiralal plots with his nephew Sanjay Verma (Kabir Bedi ) to take control of the fortune. Taking advantage of Aarti’s loneliness, Sanjay pretends to fall in love with her and traps he into marriage. He is helped by none other than Nandini who is madly in love him. On the day of their honeymoon, Sanjay heartlessly throws Aarti into a lake full of crocodiles. Not heeding her desperate cries for help, he turns away. She vanishes into the lake even as the waters turn turbulent with her blood. She is declared to be dead and Sanjay approaches the family lawyer to stake his claim on her property as her lawfully wedded husband. But to hsi shock, the lawyer informs him that no person can be presumed dead till the body id found and that he will ahve to wait for seven years to put up his claim. Sanjay, nandini and Hiralal are now trapped ina situation of their own making. But what they don’t know is that Aarti is miraculously saved by an old man. He treats her physical wounds but the wounds in her soul continue to fester. They can only be healed by revenge... a revenge that will see the simple Aarti transform into an avenging diva who has vowed to kill Sanjay in the same crocodile lake where he left her to die.