Amar is wealthy, Bihari is poor, but they have been best friends since childhood. When they grow up, they both fall in love and while Amar marries Jaya, Bihari weds Lata. Amar’s father, Brij Bhushan Saxena is a calculating businessman, who wants to build a five star hotel on land that belongs to Bihari. The latter has refused several lucrative offers for sentimental reasons - because the house and land are the only reminders of his late father. But when his friend Amar approaches him, he signs away the land without charging a penny, expecting that his house will remain untouched. The grand hotel comes up. At the lavish opening, a lot of people criticize the shabby house standing next to this opulent edifice. Amar too is convinced and offers Bihari a new house and hotel, if he will vacate his old home. But sentimental Bihari gets upset and slaps Amar in anger. Saxena’s unscrupulous aide, Sudhir, takes full advantage of this situation . He demolishes Bihari’s house and puts the blame on Amar. Although Amar tries very hard to beg for forgiveness, Bihari is furious and vows that he will one day beat Amar at his own game by becoming the top most hotelier in the country. It is said that fortune favours the brave, and Bihari is soon climbing the ladder of success. Meanwhile, Sudhir’s evil machinations result in Jaya’s untimely death, leaving a grieving Amar to look after their new born son. But by now the two friends are alienated forever. Years pass and. Bihari’s daughter Jyoti and Amar’s son Kumar fall in love. Will Amar and Bihari allow their children to get married? Will they renew their bonds of friendship again? Or will they remain enemies forever?