King Uncle

For industrialist Ashok Bansal, the only thing that matters is money. Sentiments and love have no place in his life. Rigid and unbending, he is more of a jailer than a brother to his younger siblings – Sunita and Anil. Although Sunita loves Kamal, who works for Ashok, the latter marries her off to Pradeep, an upcoming but debauched industrialist. Meanwhile. Anil has fallen for a middle class girl named Kavita. When Ashok comes to know, there is a dramatic confrontation between the two brothers, angry and bitter words are exchanged .Anil walks out of his brother’s mansion, to marry Kavita and start life on his own. Ashok now finds himself alone in his huge mansion. Suddenly Munna enters his life. She is a little orphan who has escaped from a hellish orphanage, run by the hard drinking and sadistic Shanti Devi. Awed by his huge mansion and wealth, she gives him a new name – King Uncle. At first Ashok cannot stand the little girl - she’s the bane of his life breaking every rigid rule he’s ever made. He even takes her back to the orphanage. But he starts missing the naughty little girl and he brings her back home. Munna’s innocent charm transforms the hard and disciplined man into a kind human being. He falls in love with his secretary Fanny, who has loyally served him. The changed man decides to make amends by righting all the wrongs in Anil and Sunita’s lives. He frees his sister Sunita from her husband’s torture, and gives her hand to Kamal, who has always loved her. He brings Anil and Kavita home. The family is reunited. To complete their happiness, Ashok decides to legally adopt Munna. But suddenly, her long lost parents appear out of nowhere and take her away. Can little Munna live without Ashok? Can Ashok bear the separation? And are these really Munna’s parents?/