Koi Mil Gaya

Scientist Dr. Sanjay Mehra creates a computer program which send out variations of the syllable Om into space, hoping to attract the attention of extraterrestrial life. His belief is justified when while driving home with his pregnant wife, he sees an alien spacecraft hovering overhead. In the excitement, his car veers off the road, and explodes. Dr. Mehra dies, but his wife survives and returns to India. Their son Rohit is born but is developmentally disabled. He grows into a man with a childish personality, but a loving heart. Rohit has a number of much younger friends, the only friend his age is Nisha, who humours him, knowing about his mental disability. Rohit and Nisha find Sanjay's old 'Om' computer and summon the aliens by accident. The visiting aliens leave in haste, leaving one behind by accident. Rohit, Nisha and their young friends find and befriend the alien, naming him Jadoo ("Magic") when they discover his psychokinesis abilities. Jadoo discovers that Rohit is mentally subnormal and uses his powers to enhance Rohit's physical and mental strength. Now that he is normal, Rohit realises that he loves Nisha. He proposes to her and she accepts. Jadoo’s presence has been kept a secret and nobody knows about him except Rohit's mother and his friends. But the government is hunting for aliens and Jadoo is captured. Rohit rescues him and also summons the aliens to return for Jadoo, who escapes in his spaceship. As he disappears, so do Rohit's newfound mental and physical powers. Rohit again is mentally disabled... Will Rohit ever become normal? Will Nisha and Rohit have a future together?

Koi... Mil Gaya won numerous awards including three National Film Awards for : Best Film on Other Social Issues - Rakesh Roshan; Best Special Effects - James Colmer, Lara Denman, Marc Kolbe, Craig A. Mumma and Best Choreography - Farah Khan. It won Filmfare Awards for Best Movie - Rakesh Roshan, Best Director - Rakesh Roshan, Best Actor - Hrithik Roshan, Critics Best Actor - Hrithik Roshan and Best Choreography - Farah Khan for "Idhar Chala"