Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai

Rohit and his kid brother Amit are orphans. Rohit is an aspiring singer who works in Malik’s car showroom. One day he meets Sonia, when he goes to deliver a car to her home. Her father Saxena and Malik are running a drug cartel with help of two police officers. Saxena is referred to as "Sirji by the trio. Sonia and Rohit fall in love, but her father challenges Rohit to do something big to win his daughter.. Determined to prove himself, Rohit makes it big in music and is asked to put up a solo concert. Then Rohit accidently witnesses Malik and the two corrupt cops shooting down the Commissioner of Police, who has discovered their drug dealings. Rohit is shot at and chased by the policemen and drowns in a river. His body is not found. Sonia goes into deep depression so her father sends her to New Zealand to get over Rohit. Here she meets Raj Chopra, who is a dead ringer for Rohit and is also a good singer. Raj falls for Sonia, but she rejects him as his face reminds her of Rohit. On learning her story, Raj follow her back to India. But one of the corrupt cops spots them and opens fire on Raj, who realises that somebody is mistaking him for Rohit. Raj discovers that Amit witnessed Rohit's murder. Posing as Rohit, Raj set a trap for nabbing the killers. Will he succeed in unmasking the killers? Will Sonia ever learn the horrifying truth about her father?. Will she ever learn to love Raj?

Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai won nine Filmfare Awards for Best Film – Rakesh Roshan, Best Director – Rakesh Roshan, Best Actor – Hrithik Roshan, Best Music Director – Rajesh Roshan, Best Newcomer Male – Hrithik Roshan; Best Playback Singer Male – Lucky Ali; Best Choreography – Farah Khan, Best Screenplay – Honey Irani and Ravi Kapoor; , Best Editing – Sanjay Verma. In all Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai has won as many as 104 Awards in various categories and finds place in the Limca Book of World Records.