The deep, dark, subterranean world of coal mines is. presided over by the equally dark souled Raja (Amrish Puri) who along with his eccentric brother Brijwa, terrorises, rapes and kills at will. Shankar, (Shah Rukh Khan), may be swifter than hunting dogs and faster than a speeding train, but when it comes to Raja, he is but a loyal, mute slave who has been trained since childhood to serve Raja faithfully. Raja’s lustful eyes fall on the beautiful village girl Gauri (Madhuri Dizit) and he sends his marriage proposal along with a picture of Shankar. Gauri falls in love with Shankar. When, during her wedding, she realises that she’s getting married to Raja not Shankar, she faints in horror. But Raja grabs her and completes the rituals. But feisty Gauri refuses to submit to Raja, and he keeps her caged and under guard. In desperation she tries to hang herself, but Shankar manages to save her. On seeing him, Gauri breaks down and accuses him of destroying her life. But then she learns the truth, and love blossoms between Shankar and Gauri like a tender flame. When Gauri’s brother is killed while trying to rescue her, Shankar, finally breaks free of the shackles of slavery and pain. He turns against Raja in a frenzy of rage and runs away with Gauri. Helicopters, armed gunmen, armed jeeps...Raja unleashes his unholy might to hunt down the helpless lovers. Gauri is shot and Shankar is thrown off a cliff. But the story doesn’t end hurls you into an inferno of undying love and ultimate revenge.