Raja has a temper problem, Gangadhar lives in the past where he’s fighting for India’s freedom; Dr. Mukherjee has an obsessive compulsive personality disorder; while loveable Dabboo suffers from selective mutism and has not spoken in years. They are four unique mental cases and Dr. Sonali is treating all four of them, with a lot of patience and tenderness. They in turn, adore her in their own way. As part of their therapy, and after a lot of difficulty, Dr. Sonali gets permission to take the four of them for a cricket match between India and England which is being held on Independence Day. The following morning, on the way to the match, she stops at her clinic to pick up some important papers. She tells the group to stay in the car. But wanting to answer nature’s call, Dabboo gets out of the car and sees Dr. Sonali being kidnapped. But he cannot speak and tell anybody what has happened! From here on begins a crazy adventure, as the four of them, with their unique personality disorders, do their utmost to save Dr Sonali. They get embroiled with thugs, reunite with lost lovers, and even indulge in a spot of kidnapping themselves! Eventually the krazzy four outwit the criminals and reveal the mastermind behind her kidnapping. Not only do they save Dr Sonali, but also get the criminals behind her kidnapping arrested.