This sequel to Koi...Mil Gaya centred on Rohit Mehra’s son Krishna. When an IQ test reveals 12-year-old Krishna Mehra’s superpowers, his concerned grandmother Sonia spirits him away to a remote mountain village to conceal his unique abilities. Krishna grows into a handsome young man.. He meets Priya and Honey who are camping near his home. He falls for Priya.

Priya and Honey tell their boss in Singapore about doing a TV program on Krishna’s special powers. Knowing that Krishna loves her, Priya calls him to join her in Singapore. His grandmother hates the idea and tells Krishna how his father Rohit was hired by Dr. Siddhant Arya to design a machine to see the future. But Rohit died in a laboratory accident the same night he found the truth about Siddhant.. Krishna promises his grandmother that he will never reveal his powers..In Singapore, during the TV shooting, Krishna keeps his word and reveals nothing exceptional about himself.

But during a circus performance, a fire breaks out in the tent. Several children are trapped, and Krishna is faced with the dilemma of saving the children without revealing his abilities. He dons a broken black mask and puts his jacket on inside-out, creating the persona of Krrish. But Priya discovers that Krishna is Krrish when she sees the footage from her video camera. By now Priya has genuinely fallen in love with him. Meanwhile, Siddhant has finally succeeded in rebuilding the computer after many years. He uses it to reveal his future and sees Krrish killing him. Will the computer’s prediction come true? Will Siddhant finally figure out who Krish really is?